For those who think it’s a tactic to beat the competition, hahahaha, the answer is No.
Simple answer, I honestly believe it can mislead people to copy something that was designed for my body and mine alone.
This brings me to the topic of the quick fix and people chasing that 4 weeks, 12 weeks weight loss plan.
They do this by watching Instagram “influencers.”
What are their macros?? What exercise program are they following this week? What supplements are they using??
The problem with this is that when we design nutrition or training programs or even allocate steps our prescription is made after reviewing quite a few factors including your age, training background, current body fat, dieting resume and even lifestyle factors.
You can NOT just take for example my calories and macros and make them your own. I am 38yrs old, I have 11% body fat, have trained my whole life in some capacity and have weight trained for 25 years. My current calories have been a result of slowly increasing calories for a long period of time and even accepting some weight gain to get to the base that I can manage now.
The numbers that I use are from months and years of work and adjusting. This isn’t a quick fix or a 6 week plan.
So, for me to release that information on social media feels irresponsible and even though I know some fitness influencers do it for transparency reasons I just couldn’t sleep at night thinking that some young girl would be following my calories, macros and training program that has been designed to get me bellow 10% body fat for a short term goal.
The morale of the story fit fam is to invest in a coach that will help tailor something specific to your own body, goals and lifestyle. That’s what I do.