What you surround yourself visually, emotionally and physically with will impact your mental health.

A couple of weeks ago I started to watch a tv show. I was hooked, so any free moment I had I was consumed.

Around the same time I found myself struggling to get out of this funk. I was tired. Moody and a little depressed.

My husband suggested, let’s experiment with something. No more show in your spare time, go for a walk, stretch, journal or meditate.
Almost immediately the funk lifted.

Another example:
You have a friend who every time you see them you walk away feeling drained, down and unmotivated. Or a job that sucks you dry.

Now we all have to live so quitting our job isn’t exactly the answer and we most certainly can’t choose our family.

The point is that the choices you make daily on who you spend time with, what you fill your spare time with and how you treat every aspect of your mind and body has a huge impact on your mental health.

Mental health professionals are saying anxiety and depression are the real crisis rocking the world so I ask you to take stock now of your life.

Hate your job… is there a way to do what you love and make money? Or are you saying yes to extra shifts or extra hours when you’re already exhausted? Do you need to create better boundaries here?

Feeling depressed after reading the news or watching desperate housewives? Maybe it’s time to take a break like Ross once suggested and do something different with your time. Eg: take a walk, paint or journal or do something out of your comfort zone.

Feeling deflated after seeing a particular person? Here is where that boundary word comes in again. Maybe distance is the key here….or maybe an honest conversation.

This is your life babe…. we have one crack at it.
Spending it depressed, down, unhealthy and anxious sounds pretty awful.

So let’s change our habits and ways and create a life we deserve.

Oh and alcohol is a depressant… in case your clinging to that toxic friend a little too tightly.. let it gooooo.