Co – Founder, Executive Director & Head Coach

Chantel’s immersion in the health and fitness industry was born out of her childhood love of dance. Long
before she graced the stage as a bikini and fitness competitor, she danced and competed professionally in
Latin and Ballroom, as well as appearing on stages the world over for some of the world’s biggest production

From dance, Chantel moved into the Health & Fitness Industry. She earned her IBFF Pro Card in South Africa in
2016, placed 3rd in (WBFF) Australia Bikini 2019, and most recently won her Pro card as Australian Champion in
World Beauty Fitness & Fashion (WBFF) Fitness + 35 Diva. October 2021 she will compete for her Crown.
Chantel is a fierce competitor who has gained respect across the fitness industry globally. Just for fun, Chan
was also the Western Australian Masters League Crossfit Champion in 2017, Qualifier for Australian Nationals
in Powerlifting, 2013.

All of these incredible achievements aside, it’s Chantel’s affinity with her clients, her intuition, her passion to
see people be the best, fittest, healthiest and most resilient versions of themselves that makes her so highly
sought-after as a trainer and coach. Her belief is that in order to achieve the best results you need the
combination of our programs to MOVE, NOURISH and RECOVER.

“Seeing clients achieve their goals is one of life’s great joys for me. Especially when they shock themselves by
achieving what they may not have believed was in reach! My job is to come alongside you on your journey, so
don’t worry if you don’t believe in yourself yet – because I believe in you! In your journey towards health and
wellness, I will customize your nutrition plan and exercise program to suit your lifestyle, your goals and ability.
I will be there to motivate you and provide encouragement. I will share my own personal experiences and
education to gain the best possible results for you.”

It is Chantel’s “Iron hand in a velvet glove” approach to her coaching that sets her apart. Her level of
knowledge and experience in Fitness and Nutrition Coaching sets a high standard of program delivery and she
will give you 110% and encourage you to do the same. At the same time she is one of the most compassionate
and empathetic women you will meet. Hardship has been her experience in life. Growing up in South Africa
gave her a grounding in hard work. She is also a mother of three young children, one with special needs and
has a husband who works away… she knows what multitasking is all about.


WBFF Pro Athlete

Chan’s Client Carmen says it like this;

“Forward toward your goals. Chantel is the walking embodiment of understanding what
you need to get results. You can see the way she has fine-tuned her body and her skills as a trainer. But it is
Chantel’s understanding of real women, I have found the add value. Chantel takes the time to nurture you to a
place where you can accept your body and where you are at and then work to make the positive changes. She
guides you in the bodywork and the connection with Nutrition.”


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