Do you find it hard to juggle the million things that are all clamouring for your attention? I do!!!

Just when I get into the zone to do some work my 17 year old whose doing year 12 tells me he has 2 study periods first thing this morning so he will be home until 10.40am…terrific! (insert sarcasm here)

This morning is my time that I set aside to get some work done…to sit at my computer in my peaceful space at home and churn out some inspirational content for our team of beauties hahahahaha, yes that’s you!!

Then he proceeds to make a lot of noise in the kitchen and engage me in conversation about the bloody Formula 1. Now any of you mothers of teenagers out there know that this is golden time. It’s so golden that you will stop everything and listen to all that they are chattering on about, even if it’s the Formula 1 because along with all that ‘drivel’ comes relationship.

Work, kids, family, life, friends…your own plans and passions…they all clamour for our attention.

When we begin the journey of health and fitness with people my observation is that the old habits of sorting everyone else out before yourself is predominant and I like to be an air-hostess for a moment and point out the obvious…in life …the same as in a mid-air emergency, hahaha a little dramatic I know, but the point is the same. If you don’t put your own oxygen mask on first you will not be able to help your children put theirs on. Or anyone else’s for that matter. And then everyone will suffer.

So, allow me to encourage you today. Your health and fitness is about you putting your own oxygen mask on first. Making time to prepare your nutrition according to your nutrition plan that is going to nourish your body. Planning your week of fitness training so that you have time to strengthen your body. Prioritising these things has benefits with a flow-on effect for your family.

Benefits including:

  • Better sleep
  • More energy
  • Better libido
  • Physical strength
  • Better mental capacity
  • A healthy body that you are proud of and a better self-esteem.

You are happy! They are happy!

All of this make Chan and I very happy because it our great passion in life to see you being the most content and best version of yourself.

Love Christie xxxx