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“As coaches we hope that our clients achieve their Health & Fitness goals. We hope they lose that weight, we hope they increase in strength and endurance or whatever their goal may be. But the greatest goal we have for you is that one day you will look in the mirror and say to yourself,

” I did’t realise you were so STRONG, I’m proud of you!”

One of the most important skills we can learn in life is to be able to sit in the discomfort of change and allow the process to help us grow into better humans…better parents, stronger partners, more fierce friends, have a stronger body, be in control of your own body shape & size through training & nutrition.

These are the greatest goals.

Losing weight is byproduct of this greater journey.”

– Christie


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Mindset Coaching

I watched one of my closest friends transform her body and had to ask “how”!!!
Chantel and Christie set myself and my family on a path of fitness and health. Having been a serial dieter it was such a relief to finally be on a sustainable path. Having reached my target I now feel I can achieve more and I am very excited to keep going …. Not something that has ever happened before.

Thank you again both of you!

Fabulous journey with two fabulous ladies.


As a woman who was staring at the realities of middle-age while simultaneously staring at ever increasing digits on her scales I knew I needed help if things were going to change. As someone who has battled with weight and eating issues for decades I had started to wonder if I was beyond help but turns out, not so! Having Christie work with me has been truly life changing.

Her holistic approach has been deeply encouraging and transformative, and not just physically. Through her guidance and coaching both my mind and my body are being trained and brought to a much healthier place. And, as much as I love having lost 6kg, what I am most grateful for is the overall well-being I now experience – physically, mentally and emotionally.

I no longer feel as though my body is the enemy. I would encourage any woman who struggles with her weight, her health, or her relationship with food to reach out and contact Christie and the team.


I’ve been seeing Chantel at CWC for nearly 2 years now for nutrition and training.

My main objective was really just to tone up and lose a few kilos. I have always been active and healthy but was getting frustrated that I was not getting results.

Chantel is a very caring and encouraging trainer and you will get results if you follow her plan.

It’s been a great journey with Chantel, previously I had tried every diet under the sun – low carb, no sugar, paleo but with Chantel’s nutrition program I finally feel like I have the freedom to eat whatever food I feel like as long as it fits within my daily calorie and macro goals.

I really enjoy the weekly check ins with Chantel as they make me accountable and helps me stay on track.

I suffered an injury recently and with Chantel’s guidance did not put on any weight with basically very little exercise for 6 weeks.

This journey has exceeded my expectations, I feel confident and body positive and I have to say its changed my life for the better and I feel like I am in the best shape of my life.


I came across Claremont Wellness Collective through a friend who I saw was succeeding in her weight loss journey with no silly fad diet and eating a good volume of food.  This got my attention.

I’ve struggled with my weight my whole life, I am 54 and have tried every silly diet you could think of.

I joined Chantel at CWC and I’m now well on my way to a 40 kilo weight loss, no unrealistic diets to follow , I am in control of what I want to eat/drink .

My journey with Chantel has been life changing, I wish I had met her 20 years ago.
I am so proud to say I am now fit, healthy , no longer taking blood pressure medication , the list could go on…

As a person I am now doing everything I want to do – the weight use to hold me back before but now no longer.

It’s an absolute pleasure to shop for clothes , wear those clothes  and go out feeling the confident woman I have become.

I could not have done this without you Chantel Baker , you held my hand and showed me the way.

I am strong.


I have been involved with the Claremont Collective and Chantel since the end of last year.

I have often found gyms distracting and intimidating spaces to be in.

I wanted something more from just training in a gym with a trainer. After a certain age you have a lot of young people telling you to just follow the steps and you will lose weight or do this and you will build muscle. It made me weary even though I knew the basics when I wasn’t seeing results because of the other factors in my life including being over 50.

So little consideration goes into finding out about where a person is at in their lives and what stressors or emotional and other constraints they have to deal with whilst trying to lose weight and work out.

Where Chantel differs from so many other trainers is that she understands the mistakes, the misinformation, the stressors women are under and spends time creating a safe space where women can train and learn about reconnecting with their body and nutrition. She then gives you the tools to work with so that you can continue to progress and move forward toward your goals.

Chantel is the walking embodiment of understanding what you need to do to get results. You can see that in the way she has fine tuned her body and her skills as a trainer.

But it is in Chantel’s understanding of real women, I have found the add value.

Chantel takes the time to nurture you to a place where you can accept your body and where you are at and then work to make positive changes.

She guides you on the bodywork and mind and connection with nutrition.

I am grateful for the time we spend together




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