As I look around on a particularly confronting day ( I was overwhelmed to a point of tears)
And those that know me, know that this is truly traffic stopping when I am at this point.

A full time working woman in a business that expects me to be 100% for those that are most days struggling with 40%. A mother of 3 children (2 with neurological conditions) and a husband that works away.

Now, I am not telling you this so you can say oh poor woman however does she make all of this work because truthfully I do make it work and I bloody love it.

But… and a big but

Some days it’s like a never ending rip in the ocean pulling me under and it feels as if I may actually drown.

Cue the point that it would be extremely easy to get off track (I am currently prepping to kick some ass for my professional bodybuilding debut in October).

It would be so easy for me to:

• Eat 3 drumstick ice creams
• Yell at my children and husband
• Not train or train so hard I injure myself
• Not complete work tasks
• Take out my frustration out on my friends, colleagues and even clients
• Pick a fight, cry or scream

I have to say friends that if I did any of the above I most certainly feel that it would be justified and completely human so if this is you and you do dance with any of the above seductive reactors….. Forgive yourself

But… and again a big but

What if we could learn to notice the triggers, sit in that extremely uncomfortable space and identify what comes up for you.

What if we shared with our children “hey babies, mummy is feeling a little overwhelmed, let’s try a different activity or just have a 5 min rest time”

What if we said no to events that we knew would cause us to spin out of control or even said no to that friend we love but we know would be the trigger to that spiral we are referring to.

So as I finish writing this I will say that I did sit in that uncomfortably place as I watched my children fight and my phone with 25 text messages all expecting things of me and I sat..and sat… and sat and breathed until it passed.

So to the woman that thinks she has to do it all, say yes to all and all the while losing herself.

I say you don’t baby girl
You just simply don’t