Snap Fitness Claremont Gym Manager Leon Price is one of our very favourite humans!! He has been working with Chan on his Total Body Transformation and recently rewarded his efforts with a professional photo shoot. The photos speak for themselves. He looks freakin awesome!!

Leon says:
“I have been training with Chantel for over a year now, and if I could sum the experience up in one simple statement it would be: “Never have I ever gained so much muscle, so easily, so simply and with little injury before“. As a trainer of competition winning bodybuilders myself, I have still learnt so much from Chantel’s training methods, amazing programming, no-nonsense approach and complete understanding that life also happens too.

The Claremont Wellness Collective app for all my programming, training and record-keeping is easy to use and makes each session motivating to constantly progress and be better than the last session. The nutrition side of things has also been amazing! My DOMs have been greatly reduced, no need for excessive spending on supplementation, cheese and vino can be taken into account for the weekend’s flexible calorie intake.

Looking forward to more and more progress with the team.”

Chantel’s reflection on his transformation:

“Men are different than woman when it comes to training.

Well of course they are you say…. But there is so much more to this statement than you think.

With men, hormones and recovery play a massive role in their bodies ability to grow muscle naturally.

Many of them have played sports their whole life and have lost their way. Most with beaten up shoulders and knees

Or in some cases they still train quite hard with no plan of action and often insufficient nutrition to complement their training.

Leon has great ability and great genetics. He works harder than most people in the gym and is not afraid to take on board feedback and advice.

He has gained 6kg and leaned out considerably as you can see.

We increased food, focused on macros and consistent training. Then focused on recovery.

We haven’t even really scratched the surface with this incredible man.”