Is it possible to navigate the silly season and still enjoy a party, a glass of wine and a fruit mince pie without gaining back all those kilo’s?

YES! It is possible, and NO you don’t have to go over your calories to achieve it, and therefore NO, you don’t have to gain 2kg in one weekend of fun.

It’s called flexible dieting.

Flexible dieting is having the ability to eat an “off-meal plan” but still remain within the parameters of your nutrition plan. It means that you are not locked into a generic meal plan, you have options and are able to make educated decisions regarding your food choices. The problem with strict meal plans is that people don’t learn how to deviate safely from the plan and therefore they are not sustainable. With flexible dieting, you learn the tools to eat outside your normal plan. You can then go out on a date, attend a party and enjoy your Christmas dinner and still remain within your prescribed nutrition plan and achieve your weight loss goals.

Flexible dieting does not mean that you don’t have any structure to your plan. The structure we like to give you is to imagine your calories are like your money in the bank. You have a daily budget and you have an overall weekly budget. Your budget is made up of calories including protein, carbohydrates and fats.

In order of importance calories are king and so hitting that number is your first priority as when it comes to fat loss the most important factor is going to be energy balance and specifically being in a calorie deficit energy balance ie. You use more energy than you take in and therefore lose weight.

Next is protein which is integral to muscle building and muscle preservation.

Finally, fats and carbs are of equal importance.

You can BANK YOUR CALORIES for a party or an event you have coming up on your weekend. For example, if you are on 1800 calories per day you might save 100 cals each day so that you have an extra 500 cals to use on your night out. Note: on those days you must still reach your protein goal…savings come from carbs and fats.

Learning about how to flexible diet empowers you with skills to navigate through life, enjoy going on that date or to that party and having a social life without blowing the mission and achieving the goal of your FOREVER BODY.

If you have any questions about how to navigate the silly season and stay on track with your nutrition program please email them through or even better, put them them on the Facebook members page and we will answer for everyone.