I know for many people all the information about training out there can be really overwhelming.

Reps, sets, progressive what??????

So let’s break it down for you.

As a beginner, the most important aspect of health is just moving. Now this can be anything and in my opinion should be something you love. You like Pilates? go for it! You love group training? Why not give that a go.

There are just a few gems most beginners only really catch onto later into their journeys. Ones that ultimately set you up for success.

1. Training 6 days a week isn’t the best thing for everyone or for anyone in my mind. Rest is super important to help the body recover, the mind have some space and help keeps things at a sustainable and enjoyable level. Ain’t no one got time for injuries or boredom.

2. In the beginning you will have “newbie gains” when you strength train and this means that you will see big jumps in strength and muscle gain. This magical time unfortunately will not stay with you and you will see increases slow down but please do not be disappointed or have your motivation waiver as this is really where your journey gets interesting.

3. What is Progressive Overload? Basically what this means is that in order to keep progressing in terms of strength, aesthetic goals, athletic results etc we have to keep stimulating our systems accordingly. The good news and I know some of you are screaming (what if I can’t lift heavier) progressive overload can be manipulated with tempo, reps or sets not just weight.

4. When you get into strength training and you learn to enjoy the process of committing to your body please please do not change your workout every week to another Instagram fave as this will do the exact opposite of what I explained in number 3.

5. Lucky number 5 and the most important and one that keeps shocking me that I have to keep explaining! You will not get bulky lifting weights ladies… eating everything in sight will.

At the end of the day this is your path and yours alone. Do what makes your soul sing