When I started with Chan back in July 2019, never in my wildest dreams did I imagine where that would take me. I had been training in the gym for around 6 months, having given up Martial Arts due to a foot injury. I had lost a little weight but had felt like the weight loss side of it had stalled, even though I was still training 6-7 days a week. I had no idea if I was eating too much, not enough, or what was going on. After a call with Chan, it became apparent that I was overtraining & under-eating.

Under her guidance, the weight started falling off and I could finally see what had been hiding under those excess layers. I remember Chan asking me if I’d be interested in competing in a bikini comp and I was unsure if that was something I could actually achieve. She said, “if I can shred you down to see what you will look like, will you consider it?” The rest is history!

I found something I loved… I thrived on the challenge. Loved the discipline & worked damn hard to build the body I had dreamed of. Unfortunately due to covid, my stage debut in May 2020 with the WBFF was canceled. Instead, I took part in a virtual show. We then set our sights on the October show. After reversing we went into a build with very limited equipment. Training in lockdown wasn’t fun! There were times where I lacked any motivation but knew the work had to be done. No excuses!!! Once again the October show was canceled. So found myself taking part in yet another virtual show. This time I place 5th and put forward a much better package than I  had in the first show. This spurred me on even more… although, the way I trained, I knew I’d be more suited to the fitness category.

So… here I was, still determined to get on that WBFF stage. Time to build again!!! Chan definitely had her work cut out for her with  Melbourne in & out of lockdowns, having to change up my programs to suit training at home!

In May 2021 we started my cut, 24 weeks out from the October show. It was a Saturday, the day before Mother’s Day! I remember it clearly because that night as I was finishing my steps off up & down the passage, music blaring, I was pulling out some dance moves & tore my calf. On the phone with Chan not long after it happened, unable to walk she said “if this is your Achilles, then prep is over!” I cried & cried… but I refused to believe prep was over. If there was a way to work around this injury I was going to find it & do just that… and that’s exactly what I did!!

Fast forward 15 weeks… prep was going well & I could definitely see the growth! But for the 3rd time, the show was canceled due to covid. It almost came as a relief as I knew I’d have to make the call to pull the pin in the next few days if the situation didn’t improve in Victoria. I knew the decision would be for the best, but I’m extremely stubborn & won’t give up on anything until I have seen it through.

Chan, thank you for everything! You have changed my life completely & shown me just what I’m capable of. I wouldn’t have come this far without you… At the of 45, Im in the best shape of my life and will continue working towards that dream of stepping on stage.

Love ya xx