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The best kind of friendships are fierce lady friendships where you aggressively believe in each other, defend each other and think the other deserves the world.



We are passionate about providing a full and well-rounded approach to your health and wellbeing. Our aim is to empower you to reach your own fitness goals through: NUTRITION, MOVEMENT & RECOVERY. We believe that you have the reasons to be motivated, that’s why you are here. It’s the expertise and longevity that we provide. Accountability, flexibility and lifestyle blending are what makes us different – and why we get you the results you desire. Don’t put it off – there will never be a perfect time BUT there is no better time.

THERE IS MORE in life for you. And if you don’t believe you can achieve whatever you set your mind to that’s absolutely OK, because we have a track record of success – and optimism enough to go around. No-one slips through the cracks! Our experience and wins speak for themselves. We are in the best position as a strong team that we ever have been – and we can’t wait to leverage our collective knowledge, qualifications and passion.

We work as a team to create a holistic individualised programming that suits your lifestyle and specific goals. Once we have created your program, we spend time educating you so that progress is sustainable for the long term. Support is available so you are not alone!

You can even join us remotely – we are working with clients on both sides of Australia, in the UK, Kenya, South Africa and New Zealand!

Christie Fergusson

After 22 years as a Registered Nurse it was time for a career change and as I am a lover of health and fitness a move into FITNESS/NUTRITION COACHING and REMEDIAL MASSAGE THERAPY and DRY NEEDLING was a no-brainer. At CWC we advocate a holistic approach to fitness and believe that it is about training your body & mind to be physically & mentally prepared to do life well and be the best version of yourself.

My passion in life is lead a woman who never thought she would be able to feel and look absolutely fabulous and work with her to change those mindsets whilst changing her body through movement and nutrition. I firmly believe that if you can build new mindset you will succeed in building a great body that is strong and looks fantastic at every stage and age. Coaching you through it all is my honour and passion!!

Personal trainer and health Coach Christie

Today will be Amazing so wake up and Smile. Positivity is a Choice that becomes a Lifestyle.

Chantel Baker

My passion for fitness started with my love of dance. I competed professionally in Latin and ballroom dance for over 20 years. After my retirement from dance, the fitness industry was a natural progression for me and I have worked within the industry and competed in fitness for many years developing a passion for nutrition, health and fitness.

Both nutrition and exercise have always been a very important part of my life and this has brought about some wonderful opportunities for me including being awarded my Pro Card as a competitive fitness model, being crowned the Masters League CrossFit champion for Western Australia and qualifying for the Australian Nationals in Powerlifting. For most people, hitting big goals may be unattainable. The truth is that anyone can achieve these goals – both big and small. It’s about commitment.

Let’s face it; everyone is “busy.” I myself am a working mother of 3 children and my husband travels for work: I am well acquainted with “busy”. Too often we find that work, friends, and family are all pulling us in different directions and our own health and wellbeing takes a lower priority as we attend to others. I hope to pass on my techniques and tips for a healthy lifestyle while keeping sane… and creating a structure that you can maintain.

Personal trainer and health Coach Chantel

Make a Change


Being a part of a community and building relationships with like-minded people is our ‘WHY’. When a journey seems insurmountable to someone, there is no better job than to come alongside them and help them out.

Seeing people’s lives change through health and fitness makes us very happy. When a person’s body begins to change and become strong and healthy, the carry-on effect is that they will also feel empowered mentally. They sleep better and have a clearer mind. Their life begins to come into order because their body and mind are gaining self discipline.

Not everyone has the self discipline, nor the knowledge, to get started on the path to health, fitness and general wellness. That’s where we come in. We are the jumper cables and the educators all rolled into one – with a little bit of accountability and a whole lot of encouragement thrown in.

Every human’s journey is their own. Our health and fitness goals aim to bring healthy eating and exercise into your life, NOT MAKE YOUR LIFE FIT AROUND THEM (that is when it becomes unsustainable).

This is not a quick fix program for you to then go back to your old habits and fall off the health and wellness wagon. Although that being said, we aim to get you results quickly.



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