You want to know what erks me as a coach?

Working your butt off and getting to a weekend or a trip away and saying f#*k it and throwing all caution to the wind.

Now don’t get me wrong, balance is the absolute foundation of everything we teach but with balance comes the ability to also practice discipline.

When you start walking this road with us, we are here to guide you through the minefields of eating out, managing special occasions and trips away. But make no mistake, this can only be done with complete honesty and also taking responsibility for your planning and
execution of the plan.

Too many a times I see clients have an incredible week of meal prepping and organising their week. Nourishing their bodies and come Friday – Sunday it’s a free-for-all. Monday morning arrives and I get the “oh no I’ve over indulged… can I cut my cals this week?”

Despite their being many ways to Bank calories and prepare for events, the short answer on this is NO I truly believe if you cut calories days or weeks after a event it can lead to a punish yourself mentality around food.

Instead I would encourage clients to save calories and make smart choices leading into these special occasions like one would do when saving for a fun and expensive purchase. Set yourself weekly goals whilst making sure you’re reaching your daily protein goal.

Here’s an example.
Say I am eating 1700 calories a day
That is = 11900 calories a week
And on Saturday I have a wedding and I’m a bridesmaid.

  • Firstly I make a decision not to have 100 drinks and a kebab because well.. my goals
    are bigger than my stomach and greed
  • Secondly, I deduct some calories… say 200 a day to add to Saturday
    This gives me 1200 extra cals
  • Then I make sure I have high protein around the event
  •  Lastly… I remember again that I do not need to drink the whole bar.. it will be there
    again for next event.

Moral of the story peeps…

Life is supposed to be fun but also full of health, balance and respect.

All of those need you to understand that Uber eats daily and over indulging on drinking does none of the above and truthfully….

Your better than that!