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We will empower YOU to reach your own health & fitness goals …weight loss, weight gain, performance. We get results. Don’t put it off – there will never be a perfect time BUT there is no better time.

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    You are probably either a working professional or a parent (or both!), who has very little time on your hands, and who simply wants to feel more energy and less stress. You want to feel (and look!) good. You want to lose a few kgs – or a lot.

    We will help you reclaim that spring in your step, that confidence and shine. It’s not about the shape or numbers, it’s the feeling of ‘WE did it’ – made sustainable tweaks to your habits.

    LEARN about how to fuel your body to make it work in harmony with your intended life. Be proud of yourself and think the world of yourself again. You are worthy! Let’s talk about how you can get where you would like to be, with small and large sustainable changes and accountability.

    There is more to you than your weekly family routine and to-do list. There is more confidence in you. If you are not satisfied with your current energy and find it challenging to prioritise yourself, come and be a part of something bigger, a community that ‘GETS’ you – championing each other. And your leaders – involved and dedicated, right by your side in a flexible, accessible online/in person delivery… with the proven experience, professionalism and certified training to back it up!

    Our Clients Success Stories

    Megan-Tomaras - Before

    Your Lifestyle, Your Goals, Your Way


    From as little as a 3 day workout program to a FULL BODY TRANSFORMATION experience, our programs are tailored to your goals, your way within your lifestyle.


    • Feeling like your body is working against you?
    • Trying to lose fat and get healthy whilst still enjoying your family and social life?
    • Eating a minimal amount of food/calories each day and still not losing weight?
    • Trying to achieve that strength/conditioning/flexibility goal but falling short and becoming frustrated?
    • Training like an insane person and still carrying those ‘extra’ kilos?
    • Wondering: is it possible to get your body back to pre-baby condition?
    • Looked in the mirror today or tried on those favourite jeans that are too snug and thought “I wish this fat would just disappear”?
    • Tried every diet in the universe and ‘failed’?
    • Tired every day with no explanation?
    • Paleo/Vegan/Intermittent fasting/Keto????? Lost?
    • Your goals could include:
      • increase muscle definition
      • body tone/reshaping
      • cardiovascular fitness
      • strength training
      • weight loss
      • endurance
      • muscle hypertrophy
      • pre-post natal
      • increase flexibility/agility
      • rehabilitation etc

    Some more great reasons to start training with Claremont Wellness Collective


    • Our exercise sessions are designed for busy people. Workout times are 30 minutes and 45 minutes.
    • We promise no hours upon hours of cardio & no FAD diets.
    • We will help you increase your general physical health and wellbeing, keeping you prepared for your life. Whether it’s playing footy with the kids, carrying heavy shopping bags or moving your sofa.
    • Accountability to your goals through the relationship with your personal trainer.

    Trust our advice. Give us twelve weeks to give you the tools to make the changes you’re ready for. Eat food that SERVES YOU so that you are able to do life the way you wish. Train in a way that gives you the confidence to look the world in the eye.

    FITNESS Training

    No two bodies are the same.

    All programs are available both Online delivered to your App or In-Person

    3 – 5 days training programs for all levels

    If you have a gym membership or want to train at home and are looking for a program that will progress with you then you have come to the right place.

    We guarantee a TRAINING PROGRAM experience tailored for you according to OUR assessment and YOUR goals.

    Nutrition coaching

    Helping you to create a balanced diet that will give you the fuel to achieve your goals. Listen to your body and give it what it needs to live the life you desire for it and deserve. Take control of disease prevention and your shape – in a positive way! Transformation that gives you a sparkle in your eye – and questions from people about what seems different about you!

    Total body transformation

    Click here if you are ready to transform your life through Fitness and Nutrition.

    “Focus on Performance, focus on Health, focus on Recovery and the Aesthetic will follow” -CB




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